My strategy for my clients are complex, because Law is a detail science.

Every case has is own story and own instruments for solution.In my personal opinion and experience the most important thing in a law case is a detail investigation of the relevant circumstances. The second point is to check up the law on a specific question and last but not least to prepare the correct legal actions.

Many clients ask for a "fast" legal advise. A fast advise is a false advise, because law is a wide field of knowledge and opinions. If it would be an easy thing no lawyers and courts would be needed any more. Sometimes a very simple question can end in a sea of legal instruments. The correct "weapon" for your individual legal fight has to been chosen very carefully.

So my strategy and philosophy of giving Legal-Services starts with investing time in your special case, because it is more important to find the correct solution at the beginning than to give a fast answer which is established on a rotten ground and create more costs and problems for you.

In special situations when a fast acting is needed, the most important thing is to achieve a deadline-extension. This is much more better, because haste is a very bad counselor and is the reason for the biggest mistakes. Instead of helping, the damage gets bigger. This is important to notice. 

Therefore I invite you to arrange a consultant-leasson in my office. Take your time and bring all the documents which are related to your case. After that I will decide what are the next steps and inform you also about price and conditions of our legal journey and fight.


My target is your success!

Client and Lawyer has to act like a team. Trust is the most important point in this relation. There most be a positive feeling between both sides. The Lawyer can not give his best services if he is not convinced about the support of his client and on the other hand the client has always doubts about the loyalty and effective work of his lawyer. 

So it is important to be honest to each other at the very beginning. Only if the lawyer knows the truth he can take the best possible actions for his client. 


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